Thursday, February 25, 2016

Back to Blogging

I've missed you!  And by saying that I really mean, I've missed blogging because my little blog has never had much of a readership, so there aren't many "yous" (except for you, Steph)  But that's ok.  I missed blogging because I missed recording "all the little moments of our everyday lives that would otherwise be forgotten"

The reason I quit was because of memory-keeping overload.  I have always enjoyed taking photos and I have 30 completely full photo albums spanning back to about 1988.  I also love scrapbooking and have several albums for each of my three children.  In addition to those, I keep a little journal for each of the kids, jotting down funny things they say or just things I notice and love about them.  And finally, back when I was blogging consistently, I found a great website that turned your blog into a beautiful printed book and so I did that for each year that I blogged, 2007 through 2014.  I liked the books but they were not a good substitute for photo albums in my opinion because the printed photos in them were small and not the same quality as a photo print.  I didn't want to continue doing ALL those memory-keeping methods, so blogging was the one that got the boot.  (Photo albums also got replaced with pocket page albums but I already waxed poetic about that over on our Scraplebee blog, so I won't do it again here.)

But, as I said, I've missed it too much. There's been so many times where I would think, "Oh, I can't wait to blog about that".  I've also missed having my blog as a resource when it comes time to write scrapbook journaling.  I love being able to look back on all that detail and then narrow it down and simplify it for a scrapbook page.  When I converted from photo albums to pocket pages, I intended to journal a lot and have those albums serve as a replacement for both photo albums and my blog books.  But aside from the first month, I did not do a good job of keeping notes of our happenings.  I guess making those notes manually as I took photos did not appeal to me as much as rapping out a quick blog post to go with the photos.  The journals I keep for each kid are not a good substitute for that either.  I find that I write in each child's journal less and less as they get older.  And what I tend to write in those journals is more personal and intimate about each of them, not necessarily anything I would use in albums that everyone might be looking at.  I've been missing that massive detail of "all the little everyday moments of our lives" and they have been forgotten!  For shame.

So, I will blog for me and mine and I probably won't print blog books but I will enjoy the process and the access to all the information for my other mediums.  And even though my sister and I may be the only regular readers of this collection of Storlies' Stories, that's ok with me.  I realized from my year+ hiatus that I really do it for me anyway.  That said, I am so not above a pity comment so go ahead and throw me one if you just noticed I'm alive.

P.S.  Just try to type Storlies' Stories with out actually typing Storlies' Storlies.  It's impossible!  Who named this blog anyway?

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