Sunday, February 28, 2016

Finding the right Devotional

We've been having a hard time finding a devotional that we like reading with the older two kids.

Alarik really enjoys this bedtime Bible:

It was a baby gift of Bekah's and I don't remember reading it to either her or Scott, but Alarik has really connected with it.  He has several favorite stories including Red Sea Run, Jonah, Jesus feeds 5,000 and Zacchaeus.  He loves the little "host" of the book, NightLight.

Each story is short, just two pages, and then it wraps up with Quiet Time questions, a short prayer and a Sleep Time wrap-up where you focus on one word from the story while you get ready to sleep.
I think we are currently on our third time reading through this Bible with Alarik.  After the second time, I tried substituting in a different Bible story book but he didn't care for it and I thought, why not stick with what he likes?  I mean, grown-ups read the same Bible over and over.  You don't just read it once and you're done, right?

But then there's Bekah and Scott.  We picked out this Jesus Calling kids' devotional on a trip to Barnes and Noble some time ago.  We used it for quite a while before both kids admitted to me that they didn't like it.  It's written in the first person from God and they felt that it often made God sound very arrogant and it was obviously off-putting to them both.
So we gave that one up and for now and borrowed Jesse's Duck Commander devotional.  I like it because it's written very simply and from several different people's perspectives.  The kids like it because the authors often use links to and examples from nature and hunting which they both relate to well.  The only thing I would change about it is if it gave additional scripture besides just the verse that the devotional was inspired by.  Jesus Calling gives one or two related verses and I liked to have the kids each look one up and read it.  It was great practice for finding things in their Bibles and reading aloud is always a good thing to work on.  I suppose I could still have them look the verse from the Duck Commander devotional up in their Bibles.  It's probably a different translation anyway so it would be worded differently.  Or I could actually put in a little more effort and find some related verses on my own.

We don't remember to read every single night and I wish we were more consistent with it.  That's something we're working on, but we've got a good start and something is better than nothing.

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