Thursday, March 10, 2016

Brainstorming Chores

Bekah and Scott are on a mission.  A mission to save money to buy plants for their very own orchard.  They've been pouring over the garden catalogs that come in the mail.  Here they are brainstorming ways to make money:

And working away at one of their "chores for money" - scrubbing all the kitchen cupboard doors.  Ah...they look so nice now!

We give a small allowance to each of them and they are expected to do everyday chores just because they get to live here.  Anything that I would consider more of a spring-cleaning type chore is something they can do for money.  So far they have cleaned the inside of my vehicle, did an early spring-cleaning of the screen porch, scrubbed these cupboard doors, and sorted/organized all of the canning jars and lids that were strewn about the basement shelves.

What a win-win for Jesse and I - they are knocking things off the deep-cleaning and projects list and they're going to spend the money they're earning on fruit trees and berry plants - Sweet!

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