Thursday, March 3, 2016

Burn Your Candles

I have discovered and am totally engrossed in Tsh Oxenrider's blog and podcast.  While binge-reading some of her older blog posts over the last week or so, this one titled "Stop saving your stickers" stood out for me.  This was me with candles.  I love having a strongly scented candle burning in my bathroom and kitchen whenever we're home.  I've always loved candles, but having them burning all the time is a new accomplishment of mine.  (Am I being too generous with myself by calling that an accomplishment?)  I used to hoard candles in my linen closet.  I liked having them all lined up and making my closet smell good, but I felt like I had to save them for special occasions.  Well, no more - I came to the conclusion at some point that that is ridiculous so now I strike a match and light a candle or two on most days.  My only caveat is that I have to know that we are going to be staying home for the rest of the day before I light one.  Too many times have we gone somewhere and come home to a wonderful smelling house because I left a candle burning - doh!  I sometimes forget to blow them out at bedtime as well but the kids all like to blow out candles (why is that?) and they usually do it for me.

So whatever it is for you, using your stickers, burning your candles, eating the good chocolate, just do it.  Because once it's gone, used or eaten up, you have the added fun of picking out something new to use!

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