Thursday, March 24, 2016

Duluth Fun

After being out last Tuesday-Friday for a conference, I took Monday off too and we met up with the Kogowskis for our annual water park adventure.  This year I got smart and didn't even try to get photos in the water park.  Trying to keep the camera or phone dry while insisting that the kids stand still and smile when all they want to do is run and play is not fun for any of us.  So instead I just sat back and enjoyed watching them have fun, when I wasn't in there with them, that is.

Alarik loved the hairdryer in our hotel room and thought it was some kind of new age telephone.  He called home to check on his stuffed animals that didn't get to come along.

Before we left Duluth, we meandered around Canal Park and through the Lake Superior visitor's center.  We had never been in there before and it was really interesting.  We could have spent more time, there was so much to see!

We will be sure to leave time for a return trip there the next time we're in Duluth.

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