Monday, April 18, 2016

And the Purge Goes On

Jesse was without work for a couple weeks and I came home one of the days to find him totally on board with the decluttering.  He had gone through the contents of the kitchen island and some of the cupboards and shelves and he did such a great job.  He got rid of more than I probably would have and even re-arranged what was left so that it made the most sense.  He purged the seldom-used bread machine, a cookie press, drink stirrers, duplicate or unrecognizable cookie cutters, plastic cereal boxes, the bread box, unloved cookbooks, and a bunch of knick knacks.

One Saturday the whole family worked together to cull the DVD collection.  We tackled the books again and got rid of WAY more of them.  Between Netflix, YouTube, our regional library's Mail-a-Book service and ebooks, we just don't need to have much reading and viewing material on hand.
We did a little more work in the kitchen by taming the cupboard of water bottles and travel mugs.  I swear those things must multiply in the cupboard!  Everyone picked their two favorite water bottles and Jesse and I each picked two travel mugs.  The rest went into the recycling bin because I can't imagine anyone buys those kinds of things at a thrift store.

And, I'm happy to report that I was finally able to come to terms with the rest of the baby and other blankets.  We kept only as many blankets as would fit in a basket in the living room for movie-time cuddling, the rest went to the thrift store or the crises nursery.

A side bonus of decluttering is that those odd nooks and crannies of the house that rarely or never get cleaned end up on your radar.  Two of those places for me have been under the kitchen sink and the odd closet we have at the top of the stairs.  When I showed Jesse the cabinet under the sink after I'd purged and scrubbed it, he thought I had re-painted it!  I enlisted Bekah's help with the upstairs closet.  Because it's made on the outer wall of the A-frame house, it's odd-shaped and awkward for a grown up to get all the way back into.  Bekah and Scott have already earned all they need for the orchard they plan to plant, but now Bekah is saving for a DVD player so she's still on the prowl for chores for money.  She drug all the boxes and sleeping bags out of that closet and then scrubbed it down while I sorted stuff.

Besides finally cleaning those oddball spots in the house, decluttering has made it easier to keep the house clean too.  It's easier for all of us to get stuff put away when there's less stuff to begin with.  I feel like we've made some great progress.  There are still areas left to tackle including:
1. the rest of the kitchen cupboards, especially that dreaded plastic container one
2. the board games
3. the kids' arts and crafts supplies

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