Thursday, April 14, 2016

Decluttering Progress, cont.

About the end of February I finally came to grips with the fact that I could talk about decluttering, valuing your things and being grateful for them, simplifying, blah blah blah, with the kids until I was blue in the face, but they just aren't going to 100% "get it" and embrace that style of living...just yet.  We can work toward it, for sure, but I just shouldn't expect them to be willing to keep the two stuffed animals that they love the most and get rid of the rest.  They genuinely love and find joy in all of those dozens upon dozens of stuffed animals right now and aren't ready to purge it down.

With that resolved, I turned to my own closet.  As I mentioned in my first decluttering post, I get to wear blue jeans to work and I have uniform shirts with the City of Bigfork logo on them.  But do you want to know how many I have?  Twenty-four.  That's 24.  Too many.  Any that were ill-fitting or had a flaw of some sort, I threw in my sewing basket.  Perhaps someday I will make a cool patchwork curtain for my office with them.  Then I talked with myself about the fact that 5 days a week, I wear a rotation of 24 shirts.  So how many other shirts do I really need?  Not too many.  I purged the t-shirt drawer, the hoodies, the plaid button-ups (and let's not even talk about how many of those there were), the previously-mentioned dress pants from a prior job, two pairs of too-small jeans that it would be nice to fit back into someday but I realize it's not someday right now, and some lounge clothes.  Whew!  My closet is much nicer to find things in now and it's easier to put laundry away in there.  Win.

Besides just decluttering stuff, I've also tried to simplify in other areas.  Just over a month ago I removed the Facebook app from both my phone and iPad.  I haven't missed it.  Not even once. 
I also removed several rebate apps that I had been using including Ibotta, Checkout51 and ReceiptHog.  After many months of using these, which probably took me about 10-15 minutes after each shopping trip, I STILL hadn't met the $20 minimum cash out amount on any of them.  So long, time wasters!

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