Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I'm feeling let down at the moment.  I finally started feeling better today but was home with Scott who was feeling "not enough better to go to school".  I devoted much of my extra day at home to cleaning up the house, but I also logged a lot of reading time.  I had checked out a new book after dumping one halfway through that I wasn't into.  (Odd side note: I find breaking up with a book I'm not loving easier when reading on a device than when I have the actual book in my hands.)

So when I started reading The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven and got into it, I plowed through and had finished the whole thing before bedtime.  It was a good book with just a few moments during the day where something about it rubbed me the wrong way, though I couldn't put my finger on why.  I finished reading it and decided to Google Alex Malarkey to see what he was up to today.  Well, I was late to the party because just over a year ago the news broke that he'd make the story up and from the sounds of it, his Dad capitalized on the whole thing with this book deal.  Grrr...I was duped.

Now I'm in need of a suggestion for my next read to pull me out of the slump that I just found myself in.  I was looking for something inspirational but moving away from the organizing/simplifying theme that I've been stuck on for some time now.  I did break away and read Unbroken and The Book Thief last week and loved them both.  I need to see both movies now!

I've been toying with the idea of starting the Harry Potter series.  Can you believe I've never read them?  Scott has read the first two and I thought it would be fun to be able to talk about them with him.  Bekah read the first a long time ago and now that Scott is into them she says she might pick them up again.  But honestly I'm worried that if I start them I will get so into them that my work and home life will suffer for it.  I tend to go all in when I get into a book or a show or whatever and it's hard for me to, you know, do anything else!

So what's your advice?  What should I read next?

You may wonder why I'm posing a question to my readers since I freely admitted when I started blogging again that Steph is likely my only reader.  Well, wonder no more because I happen to know that I have gained another fan...my good friend Shelly who is also an avid reader.  I expect some good recommendations from you two - the pressure is on!


  1. I am so excited to be mentioned in your blog! My recommendation is The Lives and Loves of Daisy and Violet Hilton. True story of Siamese twins. I haven't read it yet, but it will be the next book I read. I also think you should read the Harry Potter books. They are soooo good. I read them before Elijah so we had other things to talk about besides music.

  2. If you don't break down ad read Harry Potter soon I am not sure we can hang out anymore! And you know we have them all so you can borrow them:) I am reading the "Underland Chronicles" series right now. They are for kids but I am enjoying them. I bet Scott would really like them too. They are written by the author of the hunger games.

  3. Yes, Shelly, you are famous now...at least to me and my sister! ;)
    Thanks for the recommendations both of you and I will probably go for Harry Potter next. I just ordered The Grapes of Wrath from the library (can't remember what spurred that decision) so I need to finish that one first.