Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Library vs. Bookstore and Book vs. eReader

Books are something I've never really held back on spending money on.  If the kids want a little something on a shopping trip, I'm happy to let them pick a book.  It's a tradition that Bekah, Scott and I head across the way to the local bookstore after our annual eye doctor appointments and pick out a new read.  We almost always stop by a Barnes and Noble when we go on a larger out-of-town trip and make a big deal out of everyone getting a new book (or two, or three!).  When the kids bring home those awesome Scholastic book order forms, I usually spend more time perusing them than they do.

However, since my desire to simplify and declutter has really kicked in, I've been less likely to splurge on a stack of books.  I want our house to be filled with books so that we can all just grab something new to read once we've finished a current book, but I don't want the clutter of books that no one is going to read again.  Our collection of picture books are ones that we DO read over and over (and over and over) again.  And I'm ok with owning books that are in a series that the kids are "collecting" and enjoying each new one coming out.  Jesse tends to buy more often than borrow and I'll have to work on him to make sure he clears out the ones he's not going to read again. 

All that said, we are also big fans of borrowing from our regional library system.  Though we live an hour away from the nearest branch, we are lucky that they offer a mail-a-book service.  We can log-on to our account online and request whatever book we want and it comes in the mail, postage free, a few days later.  We mail it back, also postage free, when we're done.  It's great!  Jesse listens to several different sermon podcasts and is always getting ideas from them of books he'd like to read.  He is constantly asking me to request certain books or books by certain authors for him.  It's very handy to be able to check them out from the library instead of waiting until we can get to a bookstore and then possibly buying a book that he doesn't really like.

We take advantage of this service regularly but I also still want our home to be a place where there is always something to read.  Heaven forbid that anyone go a day without a book in progress, so we can't put ourselves in a position to be waiting for a library book to arrive!

Knowing I was super-late to the party, I started reading books on my ipad a couple of months ago.  I had purposely not looked into the option because I was pretty sure I'm a physical book kind of girl.  But then I discovered that I could borrow books from our regional library system via the OverDrive app and not have to wait for the titles I'm wanting to read to arrive in the mail.  Score!  While my first preference is still to curl up with an actual book, I have started sprinkling in some eReader books.  I like this option because, as I mentioned in another post, I find it much easier to stop reading a book I'm not enjoying when I'm reading it on my ipad as opposed to when I have the actual book in my hands.  I know that makes no sense, but something about being able to just click and return the book to the library seems less like a reading fail than taking out my bookmark, closing the book and mailing it back, unread. 

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