Saturday, April 2, 2016

She Bakes - and Cooks!!!

Bekah is amazing.  I suppose all parents think their kids are just the coolest.  I know I do.

My girl wanted to stop by the grocery store on the way home the other day so she could pick up some pie filling.  She had a pretty crummy day at school thanks to the new-to-our-lives 5th grade girl drama and whipping up a pie seemed to be her outlet of choice.  While in the store, she decided she'd also make dinner for us all and grabbed what she needed for nachos.
So we get home and she first makes the pie crust.  Notice I said "makes".  She did not buy a ready-made crust or even a crust baking mix.  Nope, not Bekah.  She makes it from scratch.  See, I told you she was cool!

With the pie crust made, rolled out, filled with peach filling and in the oven, she turned her attention to dinner.  Brown and season the meat: check. Set out the toppings: check  Set the table: check

The Storlie family enjoyed a lovely meal of nachos with peach pie for dessert. 

But her accomplishments of the evening were not over yet.  She also managed to find time for piano, violin and oboe practice, reading and watching a John Wayne movie with her Dad. (chalk another one up in the cool column for her).  The icing on the cake was that while I was doing dishes after dinner she said, "Mom, thanks for cleaning up even though I was the one that cooked and made a big mess."

I think we'll keep her.

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