Monday, April 4, 2016

"We're not gonna live like animals!"

Jesse's Grandpa Curly was famous for saying "You're not gonna live like animals".  For example, when Jesse was getting ready to head off to college and Grandpa Curly was trying to give away boxes of extra dishes, bed sheets, etc. that Grandma Helen had been hoarding - "You boys aren't gonna move up there and live like animals."

Well, apologies to Grandpa Curly but we've been living like animals the last couple of days!  I went home sick from work at noon on Friday and barely left my bed until this morning.  Jesse was gone at a coaching clinic and Bekah spent the two nights with Jade.  That left the boys to pretty much fend for themselves while I was down and out.  They had too much screen time, didn't see a vegetable for 48 hours, and guzzled the rest of the chocolate milk straight from the carton. (though they did come in and ask if they could do that which is how I gathered this evidence).

It wasn't all bad though.  Scott was such a good little helper to me.  He got Alarik dinner, (never mind that it was probably a far cry from daily nutrition guidelines) helped him brush his teeth, read him a story and tucked him into bed.  What a good little man.  Then, true to his man-of-the-house role, he fell asleep on the couch watching a movie.

But what does the poor guy get for his troubles?  He wakes up today with a fever, headache and sore throat, just like Alarik and then I had.  He ate a little bit of breakfast and then wanted to snuggle in my bed since "it's the comfiest spot in the house"  Now he's napping, complete with books and tissues (both used and not yet) surrounding him.  Poor dude!

Alarik was sick for about 5 days and I'm just starting to feel better after 3 days so Scott's got some time to serve yet. 

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