Friday, May 13, 2016

8 Eyes and Funny Stuff

Alarik got this pair of glasses as a birthday party favor last weekend and he's loving them.  What do you think of the newest 4-eyes in our house?

He's been cracking us up tons lately.

In the car a few days ago, he and Bekah were arguing back and forth about something and he was getting very frustrated with her.  Finally he screams at her, "I am THROUGH with you!  Just like I was THROUGH with Gagey at daycare today!!!"  Gage is his best little buddy at daycare so I said, "You're through with Gagey?"  and Alarik replied "YES!" but then quickly added in a normal tone of voice, "Not for forever though."  I asked how long and he resumed his angry voice and stated, "For a VERY LONG TIME!"

Then there was this great little conversation:
A:  Mom, name the people I love who aren't married.
M:  Well, Grandma Linda, Jade...
A:  NO, I can't marry my Grandma!
M:  Oh, you mean people you could marry?
A:  Yes.
M:  Well, Sophia, Tovah, Violet...
A:  Not Tovah or Violet.
M:  Harper...
A:  It'll be Soph.
M:  You know, she has to agree to marry you.
A:  Yeah. And she'll be the one to have the babies.
M:  Yes.  How many babies do you think you'll have?
A?  You can PICK how many BABIES you have???  I wish you could pick if they were boys or girls.  I guess we will have four babies.

And Alarik is getting to be as good at the random question as Scott is.  He asked me out of nowhere the other day if I thought Morgan believed in God.  Morgan is our 14 year-old dog.  Alarik must have been worried about the status of her salvation.  Then he asked me about some friends of our family who just had their second child, "Mom, are the Maxas done growing babies?"

He came in my bedroom and asked what I was doing one evening.  I said I was reading.  He watched for a while and then said, "You're not reading.  I can't hear you."  I told him I was reading to myself, in my head.  He watched me a bit longer, then wandered away, but was back soon watching me.  "You still reading in your head mom?" he asked.  When I said I was he gave me this look that said he thought I was trying to pull his leg.

Alarik is a big Dean Martin fan.  His favorite song is "Hey Mambo" and he can sing most of the words.  He even calls me "Mom-bo" now instead of just mom sometimes.  I love it!

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