Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cleaning Treasure Hunt

Rather than getting overwhelmed and bored with spring/deep cleaning, I've decided to make a hobby and a kind of game out of it.  There are thousands of tips, hacks and homemade cleaning concoctions to be had on Pinterest.  Every once in a while I have a Pinterest Cleaning Day where I go though looking for cleaning pins and then try the ones out that pique my interest at that moment.  Or, as in the cast of my stove vent, the ones about things that I didn't even realize I should be cleaning!  It's kind of like a cleaning hack treasure hunt.

I've been particularly interested in homemade, chemical-free cleaners recently.  I mean, I'm reading simple living blogs, bullet journaling and listening to lifestyle podcasts so could I really avoid the stereotype of now making my own cleaning products?  I think not.  It was a given.

On my last Pinterest Cleaning Day, I cleaned:
-grimy silicon caulking around the bathtub and toilet base
-the glass top stove
-the vent cover for the oven/stove exhaust fan
- under and behind the refrigerator, including the back and sides of the fridge

Here's where I found the cleaning solutions I mixed up:
Young House Love blog
and then we saved blog
One Good Thing by Jillee
(all were links that I followed from Pinterest)

I found that the paste of baking soda and peroxide worked great right off the bat for the bathroom caulking, but it didn't last.  I think it's because the old toothbrush I was using to scrub with got too gunked up and the bristles got too spread out.  I'll have to buy some firmer ones to try out.

A paste of baking soda and castile soap worked wonderfully on the stove top.

As I mentioned, it never before crossed my mind to clean the exhaust fan cover.  I guess I just never even noticed it up there.  And we've lived in this house since 2003...ew!  Needless to say the water I boiled it in was disgusting, black and greasy by the time I was done, but the vent looked like new and it required very little elbow grease on my part.

Oh, one last lesson learned:  baking soda is hard on the hands!  Make sure to use a good hand cream after your cleaning session or your hands will be drier than the Sahara.

I would love to hear of any great cleaning tips or recipes you've picked up from Pinterest, or elsewhere, or any other good cleaning hacks that you use.

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