Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Bullet Journal

I first heard about bullet journaling at Tsh Oxenreider's Art of Simple blog.  I've mentioned Tsh's blog and podcast before here.  (Side note: I need to do a round-up post of my favorite podcasts and blogs since all of my posts lately are inspired by things I hear and read on them.  I'll add that to the "to-do" list)

As a list-making aficionado, I was totally intrigued by the idea of a bullet journal.  I was also a little intimidated though.  I mean, what kind of journal needs a "how-to" video to introduce it and has its own Facebook group and hashtag (#bujo)??? And, as Tsh noted, some bullet journals are so gorgeous, I could never live up.  I was encouraged however by the rest of her post that explained how she let go of any expectations associated with using a bullet journal and tweaked the system to work for her.  And so I did the same.

I had started jotting notes about my de-cluttering progress in a pretty little journal that a friend gave me for my last birthday.  I wrote about that here (also where my sister calls me "Queen Nerd") and showed you one page of my notes.  That kind of morphed into more of a traditional journal where I wrote about the projects I was completing and the inspiration behind it and also the positive changes I saw or hoped to see because of it.  These notes are a good reminder of why I'm doing this.

Then I heard about bullet journaling and decided to apply the principal to my already-in-progress journal about de-cluttering.

If there's one thing I've learned so far, it's that if you are going to talk about your bullet journal, you have to take a photo of said journal, preferably next to your coffee mug.  At least that's what a good percentage of people who blog or instagram about bullet journaling do.  So let me just take a moment to do that.
There we go, that's better.  Now you know what my journal looks like, what my favorite pen is and also that I drank all my coffee before I snapped this picture. 

I had left the first page of my journal blank when I started using it which ended up to be just perfect because then I could start creating my table of contents on that first page.  I don't worry at all about keeping like things together.  For example, you can see that a list of books I've read this year is on page 14 but I filled the page recently and the next blank page was page 50 so I just continued it on this page and noted that.

I don't use the same setup at all or the dashes, dots and arrows that the true bullet journal method uses.  I don't even make a task or to-do list every day; just when I have lots that I don't want to forget to do.  I like to add stuff to my list that wasn't on there to begin with but that I got done that day.  Feels good to see all that accomplishment in black and white.  Er...blue and white, that is.
I tried using washi tape wherever a task list would start up after some other type of page was used, but I kind of did away with that.  It was my one attempt to be just a little bit cute and artistic, but it didn't really work for me.

I like the flexibility of this method.  I like being able to use the same notebook for my to-do list and all those other random lists and thoughts that accumulate throughout the day, week, month.

So all that to say that I started bullet journaling but basically it's not at all like a real bullet journal.  It's more just like my life - in a notebook -  with a table of contents.  And it works for me!

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