Monday, May 9, 2016

My Mother's Day Weekend

Our family had a great Mother's  Day weekend.  First thing Saturday morning I headed out with Bekah to meet up with my mom, sister, niece and a friend of ours and her daughter for some breakfast and junking fun at The Plum Tree in Marcell.  I saw and almost bought this unique little hanging planter but I'll show you what I ended up doing instead in a minute.

Bekah and I were planning to meet the boys in Deer River for a visit with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Lorraine while Alarik went to Sophie's birthday party at the DR golf course.  We had some spare time so we went to the consignment store in Deer River and found a few summer dresses for Bekah.  We ate subs for lunch and also shopped at a fun little variety store.  We hung out with Grandma Tom and Grandma Lorraine for a few hours, then carried on to Remer for some yard work at Grandma Helen's.  Thanks to our full day already, we got there about clean up and dinner time!

Scott rode home with me after we picked my Jeep back up in Deer River.  he wanted us to be "selfie buddies".

Sunday morning started off with waffles by Dad, my favorite!  Alarik got these glasses at Soph's party and wore them all day long.

Scott took some artistic liberties with the bathroom mirror after his shower.

We went to church where Bekah played some special music with two other violin students.  They did a great job.  After church we came home and did all kinds of yard work; moving plants, weeding and putting in plants that we'd dug up at Grandma Helen's the day before.

I decided a couple hours of work on Mother's Day was enough so we loaded up in the truck to go greenhouse hopping in Grand Rapids and out to dinner.  Alarik picked out this "pretty red flower" for me for Mother's Day.

Bekah and Scott had the money they'd earned doing chores with them (carted in a Tootsie Roll bank, no less) and they spent a looong time perusing the different fruit plants and deciding what to spend their hard-earned money on.

They settled on ten strawberry plants and decided to save the rest of their money toward a cherry tree.  They made a strawberry bed in front of their log cabin, on the opposite side as the raspberry bed made with plants dug up from Grandma Helen's.  They will have quite the little orchard going hopefully!

With Jesse's help I made my own version of the hanging planter.  I bought 6 metal pots and 2 table legs at The Plum Tree for two dollars less than the planter was priced at and then I had enough to make a pair!

Besides the chartreuse string that Jesse used to hang them, I think they turned out pretty cool.  I've already texted my mom and sister to scrounge up some twine or rusty wire to hang them with instead, then they'll be perfect.

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