Monday, May 16, 2016

One Million Words and Other 3rd grade Accomplishments

Scott hit the 1,000,000 word milestone in Accelerated Reader this year.  This is a goal that he set for himself at the beginning of the year and he started off with a bang, making great headway through the first several months of school.  His reading tapered off mid-year and I wasn't sure if he was still on pace to make it or not.  In the spring, he buckled down and plowed through books 2 through 4 of the Harry Potter series and made it to the million word mark.  Jesse and I are very proud of him but, even better, he is SUPER proud of himself as well.

The rest of Scott's 3rd grade year has been great as well.  He had another successful year in piano and he added basketball to his repertoire, even though Jesse and I said we would not be letting him play on a traveling team.  It ended up being pretty convenient since neighbor John is the coach so Scott always had a ride to and from practice and out of town tournaments.  Our main reason for saying he couldn't play was the time commitment involved for us and the other kids (i.e. giving up Saturdays at home) so this worked out well for all of us.  Though he enjoyed it, he says he's not going to play next year because "basketball's just not my sport".  We'll see if that holds once football season is over next fall.

Scott's also held on to his own unique snacking style.  What's this he's eating you ask?  Oh yes. That's peanut butter and a banana on a hotdog bun topped with honey. Yummmm?

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