Monday, May 2, 2016

Twins Game, Squirrel Hunting and Chase Point Hike

It was a weekend full of beautiful weather!  Jesse chaperoned Bekah's 5th grade class on their D.A.R.E. trip to the Twins game on Sunday.  They left at 5:15 a.m. - rode a school bus for 4.5 hours to the Twin Cities, watched the game, then boarded the bus and rode home.  That makes for a loooong day! They had a great time but they were both totally wiped when they got home about 10:15 last night. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Grandma Linda asked for the boys' help in eradicating her resident squirrel population as they have been a real nuisance for her lately.  They got two.

Since the day was too gorgeous to not spend it outside, we decided to head to Scenic State Park after our lunch and squirrel hunt.  Auntie Stephie drove, which Alarik was very excited about, until he experienced riding dirty with Rhet & Frodo!  He plugged his nose and asked how much further the whole way there - good thing it's just a mile or so away!

Jade took my kids on this hike last summer and Alarik only made it halfway before they all turned back to avoid any further whining from him.  This time he made it all the way to the end, no problem, and just a bit of complaining on the way back.  However when he wasn't complaining, he was running so I think he had plenty of energy left.  One good trick we picked up was to have a pack of fruit snacks to give him at the halfway point.  Since he's mentioned before that "fwuit nacks are how I get my energy" this was the perfect mind trick to get him to make it all the way

As for me, I'm sore today!  Kind of disappointing because I regularly work out and would say that I'm pretty in shape.  Obviously hiking uses different muscles than the gym equipment!  That should be motivation for me to branch out and do different types of workouts more often.

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  1. Riding dirty!! Haha!! That's putting it politely with those 2. :)