Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Scott's 10th Birthday

Scott turned 10 today and he wanted to go to Pizza Ranch for dinner.  The boy certainly got our money's worth for us at the buffet!

Jesse and I gave him a Bionicle creature he'd been wanting and a pair of football gloves which he LOVED!  He got cards and money from several of the family members so he's excited to find something to spend that on.

Monday, June 27, 2016


How much of my phone memory is bogged down by my children's' selfies?  And how many of these should I be keeping for future blackmailing purposes?

Friday, June 24, 2016


Unfortunately, my mom had to make a trip to Mayo Clinic for several appointments.

Fortunately, she found that her issues are minor/treatable and we had a pretty darn good time on the trip!

We made the drive down on Tuesday.  It's about a 6-hour trek and we had packed a picnic lunch which we ate at a very nice rest stop just south of Moose Lake.  Once we had loaded back in the car for the next leg of the drive, Caden exclaimed, "Oh, I forgot to Instagram our lunch!"  Bahahaha!

Traveling with three boys, two of them teenagers is SO entertaining.  Caden and Gavin are both on Instagram and had decided on a hashtag for our trip long before we even left (see post title).  There was a lot of laughs the whole time.

We ate dinner the first night at Canadian Honker, a recommendation from Pastor Megan. Caden photographed his food, of course, and only ordered the lemonade after he heard that they make it in-house.

We were up bright and early Wednesday morning to get Grandma Linda delivered to her first appointment at 7am.  We spent the next several hours checking out the Mayo facility.  The boys did a little early morning meditation in the Center for the Spirit

On Gavin's bucket list for this trip was to go see the athletic training/sports med facilities that the MN Lynx use.  It was just a couple block from the main Mayo Clinic so we walked over and had a little self-tour.  It was pretty impressive.

The weather was nice so we also did a lot of walking around outside on the campus and surrounding downtown area.  There is a lot of artwork all over, both inside and out.  Here are the boys with the Mayo brothers.

After taking an hour long ride on the wrong shuttle bus, we got on the correct shuttle and went back to our hotel.  We walked to Five Guys down the block and had some delicious, big burgers and hand cut French fries for lunch.

Back at the Mayo, while Grandma was doing her afternoon appointments, we checked out more of the artwork.

Our last fun activity of the day was a trolley tour of the area.  The driver gave us lots of historical information as we drove around downtown, the Pill Hill district, Plummer House and Mayowood Mansion.

Dinner was at Broadway Pizza, right next to our hotel, and was very good.

Scott's transportation was staying in our hotel:  :)

Day 2:  We again brought Grandma to her first appointment and then we toured the Plummer Building on the Mayo campus.  It's such a gorgeous, old building, with the Clarion bells in the tower that chime every 15 minutes.  This building houses the last offices of both the Mayo brothers, as well as the original boardroom restored and preserved.

We also did more walking around outside.  This is Central Park:

Gavin interpreted the meaning of this particular piece of art for us. Here's what he said:  "The squares represent society. The holes represent societal flaws and the green represents how quickly things can get moldy or go bad."

I got lots of thumbs-up pictures with these three.

For lunch we had to hit up this place a few block from the clinic, McGoon's Pub

Scott's absolute favorite activity while waiting around the clinic was to go up to the top floor and look out the windows.

Thursdays on First & Third features all kinds of vendor and food booths along the two main streets through the clinic campus.  We tried some locally famous Mon Petit cupcakes.  They were delicious.

We put on about 5 miles of walking along the riverside trail.

More artwork along the trail:

This sculpture is outside the clinic and we hung out here while we waited for Grandma to get done with her last appointment.  Caden is checking the depth for us.

We were on the road to home again by early evening.  We passed several of the hours on the way home playing Fortunately/Unfortunately, a game I learned about on the Around the Table podcast.  Fun stuff.  We also continued the cow game which we had played on the way down as well.  You know, one point for each cow on your side of the road that you can count on the way past and if you pass a cemetery on your side, all your cows die.  First one to 100 wins.  Can you believe that on a 12-hour drive we did not even finish one game???

The boys and I had a blast as did Grandma when she wasn't tied up with appointments.  We really did make the best of our Mayo vacation!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Weekend's Best Quotes

Alarik, thoughtfully while eating his breakfast and listening to our favorite "Guardians of the Galaxy" station on Pandora: I need some new dance moves.
Looks up at the ceiling:  Some are coming into my head right now.
I asked him to hop down off his chair and show me and he proceeded to pull off a "walk like an Egyptian" meets "I'm a little teapot" type move that was pretty sweet!

Question from Scott:  What does rubber look like when it first comes from the rubber trees?

We left Bekah in charge for a couple of hours on Saturday morning while Jesse was playing in a softball tournament and I was working in the concession stand.  I called to check on how things were going and she says, "Everything's fine. I made pancakes. I hope you don't mind. There will be some left for you when you get home."  Awesome.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend Roundup

Scott woke up on Saturday with a serious case of bed head.

We cured it with some work in the garden.

There's no better job for little fingers than planting tiny carrot seeds!

After our work, I wanted Scott to smile for a picture but he said, "Nope. I can't smile because I'm a farmer and they are depressed because they are always working."  Well then!

The next task was lawn mowing and this little guy made me jump when I made the turn around the little evergreens out by the road.  He was not afraid of me and my loud mower at all and I made three passes by the tree before he finally disappeared.

After our yard work we made our way in to town for the annual Wilderness Day celebration.  We found lots of the kids' friends.

Scott and Bekah each took a turn in the dunk tank fundraiser for Bigfork Football. 

Alarik dunked them both and so did I!

Sunday was dark and stormy and the kids got creative with some leftover Halloween face makeup

We wrapped up our weekend with a game of Life on my bed.  I always feel like Mom-of-the-Year when I finish a game of Life with the kids.  It is just SO tedious at times!  But hey, during the summer, anything to get in a little math practice, right?

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Just a Swingin'

For whatever reason, all three kids have been LOVING our two swings so far this summer.  Bekah and Scott are always coming up with new crazy ways to push each other on the round swing, and to swing on it together.

I'm pretty sure in this picture Scott is about to swing into the spool that is out of the shot. He looks slightly concerned.

Alarik doesn't like to go on the round swing; it's too tippy, he says.  But he loves the big swing!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Happy 872nd Birthday, Dad!

The kids baked Jesse a birthday cake on his birthday.  I helped Bekah make frosting and she frosted it before he got home.  The best part was when they dug every single candle they could find in the kitchen drawer and then cracked up as they put the number "872" on it.

 Jesse, ever the good sport, got a good chuckle out of it and then asked for help to blow out all that flaming madness!