Thursday, June 2, 2016

Catching Up - since I've been back

After getting back Thursday night and enjoying the science fair, we got right to celebrating Alarik's birthday on Friday morning.  He opened his presents from us, a new Bionicle and a basketball.

We dropped Bekah and Scott of at school.  Bekah had already called dibs on my seventies head scarf, glasses and disco ball necklace which she proudly sported to class.

Alarik spent the morning at daycare while I went in to the office and answered voicemails, emails and got the snail mail.  Then we met Jesse at the school for the Memorial Day program put on by Bekah's class and featuring the entire elementary.

Borrowing an idea from one of the jobs he's been working at, Jesse rigged up a slack line for the kids and they have been having lots of fun on it.  Bekah pretty much dominated Scott and the Rahier boys the first night it was up.

Yesterday was the Millionaire Ride for the elementary students who read at least a million words in Accelerated Reader this year.  Scott reached the goal and Bekah read over two million.  Everyone lined up outside the school to cheer them into the fire trucks.  They rode with lights and sirens a blarin' up to Cenex for ice cream cones, then back to school.

What an awesome thing this school and community does for these kids!  Jesse and I were proud of both Bekah and Scott, and of ourselves for spawning 2/7ths of the million word kids in Bigfork!  Ha, ha, ha!

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