Friday, June 3, 2016

How Was May?

Remember my healthy May challenge I made for myself?

Well, here's the results:

At first I was frustrated.  I mean, I made this valiant effort and then ended the month weighing more and feeling fatter than when I started it.  But, after I thought about it and really looked at this chart some more, I realized that I can't really call my effort "valiant".  As you can see, I fell off the wagon a few times.  And some of those times after I fell off, I rolled down the ditch and lay there in a puddle of stagnant water for a few more days.  Yikes.  Progress was not good, folks.  I met my goal just 14 of the 31 days.  On the days I didn't meet my goal, I tended to really not meet it.  I didn't just leave two spots blank, I left them all, or maybe all but one.  And then at the end of the month I petered out entirely and didn't even track my progress.  Which you can be pretty sure  means that I didn't come close to meeting my goal any of those days either, though maybe they wouldn't have been totally blank had I tracked them.

So I can really be frustrated with no one but myself.  All I can do is get up out of that puddle, dry myself off, and draw another chart for June.

There is a quote I like that I hope will help me stay better focused .  It is:

"Don't trade what you want most for what you want now."

What I want now is to eat and drink whatever I want, whenever I want.  But what I want most is to be skinnier and look better in my clothes.  (I used to tell myself that my motivation was more noble than that; that it was to be healthier.  Clearly that motivation is crap because it didn't inspire any significant habit changes in me.  So I'll just be honest and keep it real here.  Sure, I guess being healthier is a nice side effect, but what I really want is to look better.)

Here's to a better effort this month!

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