Sunday, June 5, 2016

School Projects that get a Double-Take

Bekah and Scott each brought home stacks and stacks of paper, notebooks and projects on the last day of school.  This little accordion book that Bekah brought home almost led to an intervention.  You can see her in the middle with a grown up on each side looking angry and on the far left, a grouchy face that says "You naughty girl!"  Bekah explained that she had written a poem that goes with the artwork and it was supposed to be about a time you did something you weren't supposed to do.

Here's a closer look at her in the drawing:
Well, Jesse and I both thought the exact same thing and couldn't imagine just when on earth she had ever tried smoking!  It just didn't seem like something she would ever do!  So imagine our relief when (as we were still looking at it in shock) she asked if we remembered that time she was told not to eat a sucker but did it anyway.  Oh, phew! Sucker stick, cigarette, who can tell the difference?  Seeing as she does have that "yummy" smiley face over her head instead of smoke rings, we bought it.  Ba, ha, ha, ha!

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