Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Weekend's Best Quotes

Alarik, thoughtfully while eating his breakfast and listening to our favorite "Guardians of the Galaxy" station on Pandora: I need some new dance moves.
Looks up at the ceiling:  Some are coming into my head right now.
I asked him to hop down off his chair and show me and he proceeded to pull off a "walk like an Egyptian" meets "I'm a little teapot" type move that was pretty sweet!

Question from Scott:  What does rubber look like when it first comes from the rubber trees?

We left Bekah in charge for a couple of hours on Saturday morning while Jesse was playing in a softball tournament and I was working in the concession stand.  I called to check on how things were going and she says, "Everything's fine. I made pancakes. I hope you don't mind. There will be some left for you when you get home."  Awesome.

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