Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend Roundup

Scott woke up on Saturday with a serious case of bed head.

We cured it with some work in the garden.

There's no better job for little fingers than planting tiny carrot seeds!

After our work, I wanted Scott to smile for a picture but he said, "Nope. I can't smile because I'm a farmer and they are depressed because they are always working."  Well then!

The next task was lawn mowing and this little guy made me jump when I made the turn around the little evergreens out by the road.  He was not afraid of me and my loud mower at all and I made three passes by the tree before he finally disappeared.

After our yard work we made our way in to town for the annual Wilderness Day celebration.  We found lots of the kids' friends.

Scott and Bekah each took a turn in the dunk tank fundraiser for Bigfork Football. 

Alarik dunked them both and so did I!

Sunday was dark and stormy and the kids got creative with some leftover Halloween face makeup

We wrapped up our weekend with a game of Life on my bed.  I always feel like Mom-of-the-Year when I finish a game of Life with the kids.  It is just SO tedious at times!  But hey, during the summer, anything to get in a little math practice, right?

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  1. That bird picture is awesome. It looks like a painting.