Monday, July 11, 2016

11 Pairs of Underwear

Alarik was playing quietly in his room this evening and when he waddled down the stairs in this get-up, we found out what was keeping him so busy.


Not only is this fashionable, it's handy.  He had little trinkets stashed in the crotch of every single pair of those underwear all down his legs.  Bahahaha!

He proceeded to entertain himself for over an hour with eleven pairs of his underwear.  He put them on his head, then took them all off.  He put them on his butt, one pair over another, laughed about his fat butt "and this part" (patted his crotch), and then took them all off again.

That's good, cheap fun!
I would make a statement about the fact that these were all clean pairs of underwear, but I realize I can't say for sure, since he put them on up in his room and who knows where all he pulled them out of!  I can say that none of them had any racing stripes, and that's as good as it gets!

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