Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hiawatha, take 4

This is Bekah's 4th summer going to Camp Hiawatha.  The first two years she went all by herself, not knowing anyone else that was going to be there.  That just amazes me because I never would have done that at her age.  Heck, I STILL wouldn't do it!  Last year three friends from her class at school ended up going and they had a good time.  This year, all of them decided to go to a different camp so Bekah was faced with the possibility of going alone which she was no longer interested in doing.  Thankfully, Eleanor decided that she wanted to go.  Siri and I dropped them off on our way home from Jay Cooke on Sunday.  We are keeping up with their daily happenings through the online newsletter, though not many pictures have been shared yet.  I can't wait to go get them on Friday and hear all about their week!

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