Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Independence Day Camping Trip

For various reasons, we hadn't done the annual family July 4th camping trip for a couple of years.  We were so happy to pick the tradition back up this year.

Jesse and I hauled the canoes along and they got a lot of use.  All the kids enjoyed paddling together and they mixed it up continuously.

The seemingly odd couple of Bekah and Gavin went on a really long ride the first evening.  How I would have loved to be a fly on the canoe wall for that trip!  I really wonder what they talked about!

Bekah was excited to cook breakfast the first morning.  Campers breakfast of hash browns, onions, peppers, eggs and cheese tastes better when cooked from the tree pose, apparently.  :)

We planned on doing our traditional parade around the campground, decked out in red white and blue.  Bekah had been pondering her bike decorations for several days in advance.  I heard her tell Scott, "I'm going to be so American looking that, next to me, you're going to look BRITISH!"  Ha, ha, ha!  Scott and Caden decorated their bikes and themselves first thing when we got out there, but the patriotic spirit didn't last. By the time the 4th rolled around, all the kids could either take it or leave it, so we left it.

Swimming is always a favorite activity.  In fact, the kids are usually driving the grownups bonkers by asking over and over and over again when we can take them swimming.  This year they were satisfied with whenever we offered to take them and we even got turned down once!

The older kids really enjoyed jumping off the fishing pier.  Totally against the rules, but as Gavin pointed out, they were recommendations, not hard and fast rules, so we just chose not to take the recommendation - unless of course someone else was trying to actually fish off the fishing pier.

Alarik got to "push" the big kids off a few times and he thought that was super hilarious!

Everyone's books saw a lot of action this camping trip.  I started and finished Glory Over Everything.  Bekah is working on the 5th Harry Potter book.  Scott brought his favorite Captain Underpants book.  Jesse started and finished Legends & Lies by Bill O'Reilly.

Jesse recently bought an old beater Ford Ranger for work and Alarik LOVES it!  He spent much of his trip either playing or eating in the back of the truck.

We brought washers and the Kallinens brought bean bags.  The kids had fun with both, sometimes both at the same time.

 Uno, Skip-Bo and Phase 10 are some favorite card games we like to play while camping.

Scott got put in charge of mixing up the pancake batter for July 4th breakfast.

They were yummy!

And the big boys got dish duty!

Rhett, Frodo and Morgan all came on the trip and they had fun in the water.  Morgan tried to act like a young pup again, but these two wore her out!

 These are some big, dirty, smelly feet!!!

Independence Day dinner was all-American fare: burgers, potato salad, watermelon and corn on the cob.  Or, if you're Alarik, just the melon and corn, please.

Steph proposed a Pinterest-discovered method of roasting Starburst candies.  Bekah is not too sure about this:

But Gavin is all in!

Cousin snuggles

And we wrapped up the night with a dance party!  These four rocked the Cha Cha Slide!

We fit in one more swim before we packed up to leave yesterday.  All the kids were ready to come home and relax. 
Everyone took a shower, we started some laundry, and then we snuggled in for some screen time since it started storming shortly after we got home.  Perfect timing and a perfect trip!

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