Thursday, July 14, 2016

Just a Little Snack for Mom

Bekah and Scott have done a fair bit of sleeping in late this summer.  Yesterday morning however, they set their alarm for 6:30 a.m. and commandeered the kitchen to make a breakfast buffet for me and Jesse.  They made waffles, fried bacon and scrambled eggs.  Unfortunately, we had been up since 6 and had already eaten.   :(  Jesse packed up a waffle/bacon/egg sandwich to bring to work for his lunch.  When I got to work and unloaded my bag, I found this tucked inside:

Aw...just a little snack from Bekah and Scott - how sweet!

In case you can't see well enough on the post-it note, check out how Bekah has been signing her name since about halfway through the school year:

I love that girl!  Also, she's been bugging to start a blog and I finally set down some ground rules and helped her get it up and running.  You can read her wise and hilarious thoughts here:  She lacks not in self-confidence and I hope we can find a way to foster and hang on to that through the all too rapidly approaching teen years.

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