Tuesday, July 26, 2016

MomsnKids 2016

For our 6th annual MomsnKids camping weekend, we ventured a little further from home than usual, to Jay Cooke State Park.  It was SO gorgeous!

The Kallinens and Storlies got there around 4pm after spending a day doing a little shopping in Duluth.  We set up camp, had delicious pulled pork fajitas for dinner and took a quick walk to the bridge before bedtime.

All 12 kids and 3 dogs!

On Saturday morning, the King ladies were in charge of breakfast and they did omelets in a bag.  I've always wanted to try them and they turned out very good so they will probably be a repeat meal for future years.
After breakfast we battened down the hatches because the weather was calling for big thunderstorms later in the day.  In fact, we were under a flash flood warning for the latter part of the day!  But we had a big hike planned so we got moving figuring we'd get back before the bad weather hit and spend our evening in the lodge if necessary.

The kids did fantastic on the hike.  Alycia, Violet and Tovah had stayed back for naptime, and Scarlett was in the backpack, so Alarik was our youngest hiker.  He complained a few times that he was too tired to walk anymore, but he made the whole trek.  All told, we hiked for 2.5 hours with a break at the halfway point.

The kids changed into swimsuits when we got back, since the weather was still looking fine, and went for a dip in a calm bend of the river.  However, that didn't last too long as a park ranger came by and said "no swimming allowed" due to the current and how fast the river levels can change. 

Back around the campfire, we had an alfredo dinner made by Siri and then enjoyed some lively rounds of Catch Phrase and Fortunately/Unfortunately.

Bekah was by far our most animated player and we all got a kick out of her expressions and frustration with us when we couldn't get her clues!

We did end up with a short stretch of thunder and lightening in the middle of the night, and just a little bit of rain.  Bekah was pretty unnerved by the lightening so she and I moved to the truck.  I moved the boys with us in case it got worse and Steph had to vacate the tent as well.  Sleeping in a truck is SO not comfortable and about two hours later, Alarik and I moved back to the tent.  Scott had no problem sleeping in the backseat.

Sunday morning's breakfast was sausage corndogs and berry parfaits...yum!  Then we started packing up.  The kids went for one last climb on the big rock next to our campsite and Alarik wanted Steph and I to climb it with him.  That's when we learned that all weekend the kids had been climbing up the face of this ridiculously tall and steep rock!  Ack...a mother's nightmare!!!

I mean, just look at that thing!  Oh well, all's well that ends well.  No broken bones.

Once we were all packed up, we made one last stop at the bridge to take in the beauty and climb a few more rocks.

I think everyone would give this MomsnKids trip two thumbs up.  Around the campfire on Saturday night, we talked about where to go next year.  We had it narrowed down to either Bear Head or Itasca and we took a vote.  Dexi and all the kids had it with votes for Itasca so we're staring to research and pick the best sites.

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