Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer Lists

I leave the kids a list every day of chores and other things they need to do that day.  I try to make it fun with lots of colors and by mixing up the layout...but you can only do so much to make a chore list fun. 

I've tried several different "chore charts" over the years and found that just a simple list works best for us, even if it is a little boring.
I made it REALLY fun on this day with a themed chore day to help us get ready for our 4th of July camping trip:

Bekah or Scott will often jot a note to me about their list.  On this day, Scott let me know that he wasn't a fan of having to practice math by writing "poop on multiplication" on his list.  Nice.

And here's one that Jesse added an item to for all of them.  Stop being Jerks. The night before we'd had a family meeting of sorts about the way the kids were all treating each other.  Notice they did not check off the box as having that item done that day.  Hmm...

Here's the list Jesse left them when I was out of town for a few days.  He doesn't bother with fun colors.  

The last several weeks I've added a short journaling task for Bekah and Scott along with their math practice.  Here is Bekah's journaling from today.  I guess she's not a fan.

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  1. Poop on multiplication....bahahahah! Good thing he hasn't learned division yet. Lord knows what he would have to say about that!