Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It's Haircut Time!!!

Football started yesterday so Sunday after we got home from camping was the much-anticipated haircut day!

Here's a few "before shots" of Scott's wild and crazy hair a couple weeks ago.

Here he is right before haircutting time:

This mop of hair was hard on the ol' clippers!

And...drumroll please...
Just look how handsome!
While he was not looking forward to this haircut, he was happy that Jesse used the longest attachment for the clippers on top so that he still had some hair hanging down on his forehead.
A couple weeks ago we gave Scott the chance to get his haircut how he wanted at the salon by telling him if he would write us a couple paragraphs on why he thought he should get to wear his hair how he wanted, we would pay for the cut.  He declined after not much thought saying, "I like writing even less than I like really short hair." 

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