Monday, August 15, 2016

Lemonade Stand

Bekah and her friend Corinne set up a lemonade stand in front of our small-town grocery store a couple of weeks ago.

Corinne and Bekah have been friends since their first day of daycare together!  Corinne's family moved to a town about an hour away just before the girls started Kindergarten, but they have stayed friends for all these years.  The are constantly finagling a way to get Corinne's parents or Jesse and I to shuttle them back and forth for sleepovers.

The lemonade stand is a several-year tradition that I thought would probably not happen this year.  Corinne's grandparents used to live in the apartment building right next to the grocery store and Grandma Kay was the one that helped them make the idea of a lemonade stand a reality when they first thought of it several years ago.  Sadly, Grandma Kay passed away from cancer and Grandpa Don moved in with Corinne's aunt in Wyoming.

But, these girls were undeterred and this year the proceeds from the lemonade stand were donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand which raises money for cancer research.
Great job to Bekah and Corinne!

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