Sunday, August 14, 2016


This was our tiny house home for our weekend getaway - Mokki Homestead Retreat:
 It certainly was tiny.
It's tucked up in the hills above Hovland, MN, surrounded by towering maple trees.  There was eerily little wildlife - no birds singing or flittering about, no chipmunks or squirrels, and certainly nothing bigger.  Raspberries, long over-ripe, still clung to the masses of wild bushes on the property.  Obviously nothing had been fattening up on them.  Strange.
It was a peaceful place to hole up for the weekend with Jesse and a stack of books.  Our plan was to stay there the whole weekend and just relax, but we ended up out and about more than we planned.  The main reason was that there was no where comfortable to sit or lay in the little cabin.  The owner dog sleds and kayaks across the Arctic so I suppose compared to sleeping on solid ice, the bed would feel comfortable, but we're used to memory foam for cryin' out loud!  Once we arrived on Friday, we did settle in and stay put for the night.  We fired up the sauna, grilled brats for dinner and read our books before bed.

We filled Saturday morning with breakfast, coffee and more books.  Then we both got restless and took off to find something to check out.  We ended up going north to Grand Portage where we checked out the monument and climbed Rose Mountain for a great view from above.

There was a big Rendezvous and Pow Wow going on, making it quite crowded so we didn't stay too long.  We headed back south to Grand Marais.  We enjoyed a late lunch at the Gunflint Tavern (butternut squash ravioli for me and bangers & mash for Jesse...yum!) and walked it off on the shores of the Lake.

By then we were tired, especially since neither of us had slept well the night before, so we drove back to Mokki for naps.  Another sauna, another round of brats for dinner and more reading were on the docket for the evening.

We both woke up this morning feeling old (i.e. stiff and sore from two nights in a horribly hard bed).  I had started out the night sleeping on the cot because, believe it or not, it was actually more comfortable than the bed.  But I moved in the middle of the night when I got cold.  So as Jesse was rummaging around starting water to boil for coffee, I asked if we were going to hang around there and relax for a bit, or if he wanted to head for home early (like he usually does).  He opted for B saying, "I would stay here and relax more if there was anywhere comfortable to sit!".  So we packed up, cleaned up the cabin and headed out.  We had breakfast in Grand Marais at the Blue Water Café, then headed the direction of home.  We stopped at Temperance River State Park to stretch our legs a bit.

Lesson #1 - I need to work on my spatial reasoning ability.  Though I knew it was going to be small, I should have been able to tell from the photos on just how small, and seen that the bed was less than stellar.
Lesson #2 - I really like the North Shore and my husband (a chronic basher of the place for it being "over-rated") tolerated it quite well so I'll definitely be scouring again for a place with a nice, soft, fluffy bed.  And maybe room for the kids to come next time so we can enjoy it with them!

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