Friday, August 12, 2016

Ready for a Break

Our summer has been pretty golden so far.  Laid back, several fun happenings but nothing major (i.e. stressful) to plan, lots of friend time for both the kids and Jesse and I...just relaxing and renewing.

These last two weeks have been different and a look at our calendar lets us know that it's not going to let up anytime soon.  My work computer completely crapped out on me two weeks ago and while the repair guy has been puzzling over what is going on with it, I've been using my personal laptop at work to try to get everything done.  While it's been a lifesaver to have access to 99% of the work files I need through Dropbox, it still has made things more difficult than they should be.  To top that off, I sat down this morning to fire off a few quick work emails and my personal laptop had the black screen of death.  You know the one:
Cue nausea.  I hit enter and after spinning on the windows logo screen for about 5 minutes and then installing some windows updates, it eventually booted up and is working at the moment, although at a snail's pace.

Time for a break.  Those emails I was going to send can wait.  I texted my IT guru and will drop this laptop off with him too on my way out of town.  Because Jesse and I are hitting the road as soon as Nanny Jade gets here.  We've got a weekend away on the North Shore planned.  It's going to wipe away the stress of the last couple of weeks and get me reset and rejuvenated for the busy weeks ahead leading up to back-to-school time!


  1. Heading to the North Shore after your nanny don't you sound upper crust!;)

  2. Ha, ha...yes, we do, don't we? ;)