Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sandwich Making Boys

It's so nice that Alarik is old enough to get his own snacks and lunch now.  Today he wanted "PB&J Split" which is where he puts only jelly on one slice of bread, only peanut butter on the other slice, and then eats them separately.  Yeah, I know, he's a strange one.

Scott wanted tuna melt sandwiches for lunch and I walked him through how to make them.  We're aren't real big tuna fish eaters around here and I realized several weeks ago that the kids had never actually even had it.  I made tuna melts for dinner one night and Scott was smitten.  He's wanted them again ever since and today he got his wish.

Serve a boy a fish sandwich and he'll be happy.  Teach him how to make it himself and he'll be set for college and marriage.  Lunch is served, Mom. 

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