Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Sandal Saga of the Summer of Sixteen

When I dug through the bin of hand-me-down shoes at the start of summer, I found no flip flops or sandals for Alarik.  So I bought him the brown dinosaur pair.  He wore them about half the summer, then one got lost somewhere.  Nowhere to be found.  On the way to our Moms and Kids camping weekend, I bought him a pair of black slides since I didn't want to go the whole weekend with no sandals for him.  The day after we came back from that trip, I saw the sandal pictured below lying under the swing in the yard.  The other one?  Anyone's guess.  We struggled along for several weeks.  When Jesse and I went on our North Shore weekend getaway, I found this brown pair on clearance for $4.99 and snatched them up.  The day after we got back, Scott found the missing dinosaur sandal under the deck steps.  Alarik wore his newer brown flip flops on our Frontenac camping trip...and one fell totally apart.  Just before we left for Frontenac, Scott misplaced one of his flip flops in our sand pile and ended up having to wear a pair of Bekah's for the trip...and one of them broke on day 2.  Unbelievable. 
I am still holding out hope that we'll find the missing black one of Alarik's and Scott's missing one, especially since Alarik's is an expensive brand that we never would have bought him normally but since I was kind of stuck I bought a size too big so he could at least wear them next summer too (hopefully).  I'm thinking when the leaves fall off maybe we'll spot it in the woods by the swing, or maybe when the snow melts. 

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