Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Silliest Scrapbooking Purchase I Ever Made

Last winter, Alarik decided he loved the letter Q and so he added one to the end of his name.  Like so:

I wanted to do a scrapbook page about this as it really stuck.  When they made projects at daycare, he would always remind Stephie "Don't forget the Q" when she was writing the kids' names on their projects.  So imagine how excited I was when I found this on clearance at Michael's!
I mean, what luck, right?  You hardly ever find anything actually useful on clearance!  Such a deal.

...and then about three days later it occurred to me that I'm an idiot because HOW MANY Qs DO I HAVE IN MY LETTER STASH BECAUSE I NEVER USE THEM???  Ba, ha, ha...joke's on me.

As it turned out, I used them all anyway, along with nearly every Q in my letter stash, to make this very Q-heavy page for Alarik.
Steph and I spent all day yesterday scrapbooking and we each finished quite a nice stack of pages.

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