Monday, August 22, 2016

Yurting 2.0

We loved our yurting trip so much last summer that we had booked reservations for this summer as soon as we got home from that trip!  In 2015 it was a mid-week trip with my kids, Caden K. and Grandma Linda.  This year it was the whole Kallinen family and Storlie family and we each had our own yurt.

7/10ths of our crew got there on Friday afternoon and got all settled in.  My kids and Caden showed everyone the favorite spots from last year.

We made a quick trip into Crosby for ice and drinks, then roasted hotdogs and brats for dinner.  Alarik thought roasting over this citronella candle was a good idea.

After breakfast on Saturday morning, we ventured to the Croft Mining Museum for some area history.  Alarik loved this telephone bell in the old mining "locker room" building.

We also visited The Depot Museum, a repeat visit from last year's trip.  After that, the boys went back to the yurt and the girls made a few stops at antique stores.  Jade and Bekah found a few Disney treasures.

Back at the yurt, we had sandwiches and then hiked the Bobsled Trail.

The kids found a great new sport - wagon luge!  Yikes, looks dangerous to me!

Of course we HAD to spend a lot of time at the amazing playground and lakeside park in Crosby.  This place is just the coolest.

One of the things we did not do last year was use the bike park.  This year we brought bikes along and the kids enjoyed it, even Alarik who just ran up and down the ramps.


I think yurting could become a family favorite!  We would really like to try it out in winter and do some sledding and snowshoeing!  Yes, a good time was had by all.


  1. Is Alarik sporting the "signature pose" now too??

  2. Ha, ha...YES! It must be hereditary. :)