Sunday, September 25, 2016

Country Mice in the City

I remember a book from when I was little about Country Mouse and City Mouse.  I tried to find it and there are dozens of different versions of the book.  My kids sometimes remind me of that book.

I've written before about how much Scott loves to bike in town, on the pavement.  My kids also enjoy the little bit of freedom that comes with being able to walk around town now and then.  Bekah has relished in the opportunity to walk to the convenience store with a friend and buy a treat between school and a volleyball game.
Last Thursday I had a city council meeting, Jesse had an ambulance meeting, Bekah had a volleyball game and Scott had football practice.  Bekah and Scott needed to walk to City Hall after their sports since I wasn't sure what time I would be done.  Here come my little country mice/ball players:

Of course "city" is a relative term in this instance. Our little city of 446 people hardly compares to what you'd typically consider a city.  Compared to our house in the woods though, it's enough of a contrast.

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