Monday, September 5, 2016

Labory Day Weekend

We made good on our plan to relax and take it easy this Labor Day weekend, but we didn't stay home the whole time.  We spent Saturday night at the farm with the other Storlies and Thor and his girls.  The kids ran and played, I shot my bow, the guys did some mowing, and we hung out around the campfire.  With a week of rain forecast ahead, we took advantage of the beautiful weather.

I spent a good chunk of Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon/evening scrapbooking.  Since finding the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast, I've been inspired to scrap more often.  I am actually to a point I would consider "caught up" right now, but I spent the weekend working on pages for our church's scrapbook.  I was glad not to waste my newfound inspiration!

Today, Labor Day, we did labor indeed.  I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to have the house all spic and span before the madness of the school schedule rains down upon us.  I made a massive list this morning of all the tasks needed to clean every single room of the house from top to bottom.  While we didn't get it 100% done, we did A LOT and I'll be going into our first morning of the 2016-2017 school year feelin' fine! 

Don't think it was all work and no play though.  The kids' main motivation for tackling their share of the cleaning was a nice chunk of screen time today.  Bekah had a short volleyball practice today.  When she got home we had some oh-so-delicious homemade egg rolls that Jesse made.  Oh my, were they ever tasty!  I consider them Jesse's new specialty.

We started showers, baths, reading and teeth-brushing extra early tonight so as to get to bed as early as possible for our best night before the first day of school sleep.  Since we were ready early, we had time for lots of reading.  We finished up the first Harry Potter book together and we are on to The Chamber of Secrets now!

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