Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Little American Falls Portraits

We did make it back up to Little American Falls to take the kids' pictures.  Here is Bekah on take #3:

Scott, also on Take #3:

And here we go with Alarik.  Take #1:
 Take #2:
 Take #3: (third time NOT a charm as with the other two)
 Take #4:
 Take #5:
 Take #6:
 Take #7:
 Take #8:

Finally nailed it!

Then I pressed my luck and tried for a good one of all three kids together:
 If only I'd realized that having his picture taken actually pained the boy, maybe I could have been more understanding.

 Here it appears that I've dangled him off a cliff for a photo op and he's desperately clawing his way to safety.

 Let's try a different location:
 Closer...we almost have it!
Nope. Not happening today.  I went 3 for 4 on the shots I wanted.  I'll take that.

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