Friday, September 23, 2016

Playground Time

So far I am not really liking having "big" kids.  Bekah is in 6th grade and decided to be on the volleyball team this year.  Scott is in 4th grade which means he can start puppy league football.  Even though Jesse is Scott's football coach, it still ends up being a lot of running for me and of course, Alarik has to come along for the ride.  Several nights a week we bring Scott in for football practice at 4:30 but Bekah doesn't get done with volleyball practice until 5:00.  That's not enough time to go back home, or even to my office really, but turns out it's just the right amount of time to hang out on the school playground!

Alarik has suddenly gone from always making that weird, "I AM smiling" face for pictures, to being a total poser.

So far we have not regretted the decision to wait on sending him to Kindergarten.  He likes being the big kid at daycare and he has actually been napping there several days.  He'd probably be an exhausted wreck if he were in school all day every day!

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