Monday, October 24, 2016

Life Lessons and Observations from Bekah

Alarik: (in a monster voice) I'M GOING TO EAT YOU!

Bekah: Don't do that. That's a cannibal.

Alarik: What's a cannibal?

Bekah:  A person that eats other people. That's bad. Don't be a cannibal.

As Marty Robbins' “Big Iron” was playing on the kitchen iPod, “I love it when Dad plays music like this. It’s like a John Wayne movie that you just listen to!”

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekend at the Shack

I hunted all weekend and saw several deer, but none came within range.

These two came the closest on Friday night.  They meandered to within about 50 yards, but no closer.

There were a total of eleven deer in the field when it was time to head back to the shack.

Saturday morning I climbed up in the stand again for several hours. I did not see anything but the moon and stars were pretty and it was nice and peaceful to wake up with the woods.

 The whole family was with me and we did a lot of relaxing.  Life is tough at the shack. :)

There was some work to be done though. Bekah's deer stand still needed walls so she and Jesse built them.

And then we hauled them out to the stand. The wheeler is in the shop so we had the tough job of carrying everything out there and then Jesse and I struggled to heft the walls up the three levels of scaffolding. Well, I struggled. Jesse didn't find it all that difficult.

The kids carried tools and helped carry walls. They were worn out!

 Saturday night was gorgeous and I enjoyed the long shadows of evening from the deer stand.

A nice big doe came out first but she stayed too far away. There were six deer on the field at the end of shooting hours that night.

This evening was much cooler and there were no deer to entertain me, even from afar. At least that gave me a chance to finish my book though. Even though I didn't get a shot at anything, it was still an enjoyable weekend of hunting. It's encouraging to at least be seeing lots of deer. Sooner or later I hope to get a crack at one!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Halloween Party

How strange it is to have a 6th grader.  She set this party all up, 6 kids came, had a blast for three hours and then got picked up and I really didn't have to do a thing.
Jesse and I were sitting around the fire with Bekah when the first two kids arrived.  Then the third got dropped off and Bekah started eyeing us. We visited with the kids for a bit and then Bekah finally ventured, "So...when are you two going inside?"  Ba, ha, ha! Hint taken.

I didn't go out again until the party was almost over and snapped this picture.  You can just make out the other three in the ghostly background.  Bekah was kind enough to let her brothers enjoy the party as well.

After the last kid had been picked up and the leftover food was put away, Bekah came into my room and said, "Mom, I just want to say thank you for letting me have the party and buying the snacks. Everyone had a lot of fun."  How nice is that?

Then she says, "Now I'm thinking about how fun it would be to have a Christmas party!"  I promptly told her not to start begging for the next thing right away and she says, "I'm not begging."  Then she puts both palms out in front of her, making a pushing motion toward me and nonchalantly adds, "I'm just...puttin' it out there." 

Gosh, I love that girl!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Party Prep

Bekah talked Jesse and I into having a Halloween party for her classmates.  Today is the day but she's been planning non-stop for the entire month of October.  She started out by drawing a map of all the trails, naming them all, and making signs for them.

Several days ago she put the folding table on the back deck and adorned it with a table cloth, Halloween runner and centerpiece items.

She made dip at 7:30 this morning and then poured all the chips and treats into bowls.

Chairs around the fire were in place by noon.

At three hours until party time she already had her snack table loaded with chips, dip, grapes, candy corn and pop. 

Then it was time to get scary!

She is nice enough to let her brothers attend her party.  It sounds like about 8 kids are able to make it and their arrival is now being anxiously awaited!

Monday, October 17, 2016

No Deer Yet

I spent Sunday evening in the deer stand again. The whole family had come out to the farm for the afternoon so I had to share my "hunting makeup" with the kids.

It was cooler this time and it rained on me. Makes for a less pleasant time when you're chilled and wet and can't have your book out. I toughed it out for three hours and saw zero deer.  I passed some of the time trying to take the same photos I took a couple weeks ago and comparing them.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

8th Annual Fall Fest

Our 8th Annual Fall Fest was hosted by the Kallinens again. We had lovely weather for the day which started out with a taco-in-a-bag buffet and a big fire in the fire pit. 

Jesse was all geared up to carve pumpkins this year. He had his power tools and his creativity ready to roll.

His pumpkin was diseased, inspired by a bout of the herpes simplex virus that recently spread through the varsity football team at school.  Very funny!

As in past years, Scott worked for a LONG time on his pumpkin. He actually carved two of them.

Bekah dressed in her Halloween costume for the party. She left her wig in Dad's care while she carved.

Pretty sure I do not like this look on him. He doesn't make a very attractive woman.

 Eleven kids and their pumpkins - this photo is short one napping Lucas.

And then it was time for some Halloween-inspired minute to win it games.  First up was Frosting & Fangs.

 How many of the candy corns can you pick out of the frosting pile with your fangs on?

Caden was the winner!

Next up was the marshmallow race - transport one marshmallow at a time by sucking it to the end of your straw and carrying it to the cup.

The other games were a marshmallow toss, blowing ping pong balls to your partner, and one-handed penny stacking.

Bekah is relaxing after all the games.

Bekah lit the pumpkins up as soon as it was dark enough once we got home.  They look pretty darn good!

When we got up for church this morning we saw that a chipmunk had enjoyed all the herpes scabs off of Jesse's pumpkin. Hahaha!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Number 40

The Puppies' jerseys finally came, with just three games left in the season.  Scott is pretty happy about having his.

They got a big win in Northome-Kelliher last night.

I didn't realize how much fun it would be to watch your own kid play sports.
That said, I am ready for football and volleyball season to be over. I'm ready to be done having to do pretty much all the parenting work by myself since Jesse is busy coaching. I'm ready to be done running back and forth to practice and to pick Bekah up late from away games (the last one was midnight!) and then battle the next morning to get up and moving for the school day. I'm ready to be done struggling to fit in homework and piano/violin/oboe practice between practices and games.  Bring on the slow winter, please!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A New Kind of Onesie

Here's what Scott wants to know:

"Why did they even invent shirts when you can just wear your shorts like this?"

Anyone have an answer to that?  I know I was stumped.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Columbus Day

Alarik and I had a very lovely Columbus Day at home together while the other two kids were at school and Daddy was at work. I was thankful to still have one kid at home with me.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I do love a good old government holiday!