Sunday, October 16, 2016

8th Annual Fall Fest

Our 8th Annual Fall Fest was hosted by the Kallinens again. We had lovely weather for the day which started out with a taco-in-a-bag buffet and a big fire in the fire pit. 

Jesse was all geared up to carve pumpkins this year. He had his power tools and his creativity ready to roll.

His pumpkin was diseased, inspired by a bout of the herpes simplex virus that recently spread through the varsity football team at school.  Very funny!

As in past years, Scott worked for a LONG time on his pumpkin. He actually carved two of them.

Bekah dressed in her Halloween costume for the party. She left her wig in Dad's care while she carved.

Pretty sure I do not like this look on him. He doesn't make a very attractive woman.

 Eleven kids and their pumpkins - this photo is short one napping Lucas.

And then it was time for some Halloween-inspired minute to win it games.  First up was Frosting & Fangs.

 How many of the candy corns can you pick out of the frosting pile with your fangs on?

Caden was the winner!

Next up was the marshmallow race - transport one marshmallow at a time by sucking it to the end of your straw and carrying it to the cup.

The other games were a marshmallow toss, blowing ping pong balls to your partner, and one-handed penny stacking.

Bekah is relaxing after all the games.

Bekah lit the pumpkins up as soon as it was dark enough once we got home.  They look pretty darn good!

When we got up for church this morning we saw that a chipmunk had enjoyed all the herpes scabs off of Jesse's pumpkin. Hahaha!

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