Thursday, October 20, 2016

Party Prep

Bekah talked Jesse and I into having a Halloween party for her classmates.  Today is the day but she's been planning non-stop for the entire month of October.  She started out by drawing a map of all the trails, naming them all, and making signs for them.

Several days ago she put the folding table on the back deck and adorned it with a table cloth, Halloween runner and centerpiece items.

She made dip at 7:30 this morning and then poured all the chips and treats into bowls.

Chairs around the fire were in place by noon.

At three hours until party time she already had her snack table loaded with chips, dip, grapes, candy corn and pop. 

Then it was time to get scary!

She is nice enough to let her brothers attend her party.  It sounds like about 8 kids are able to make it and their arrival is now being anxiously awaited!

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