Monday, October 10, 2016

Return to Bayfield

It had been four years since we went with the Kallinens to the Bayfield Apple Festival.  We decided to rent a cabin this year and our plans of who was coming and when we were all leaving changed a number of times due to football games, hunter's safety field day, football game cancellations and just people changing their minds.  The boys and I left Friday right after school and enjoyed our drive through Duluth and over to Iron River, WI. Since the boys couldn't agree on a single restaurant for dinner, I took them to the food court in the mall so they could each have what they wanted. Scott ate a huge piece of Sbarro's pizza, a good portion of my plate of food from Max Orient, and then got a six-inch turkey sub for the road which he had polished off before we even exited the mall parking lot!

We got to our cabin, Rooster Haven, and settled in to watch a movie until the Kallinens arrived as they were a couple hours behind us.

Alarik was not pleased when he realized we wouldn't actually be going to the "festival" part of Apple Fest until Saturday.  He was bound and determined that a caramel apple was the first thing he would eat and we found one at our first stop on Saturday morning, Hauser's Superior View Farm!

After loading up on apples, pumpkin butter, wine and other goodies there, we headed downtown to take in all the apple action there.  Alarik came running away from this place insisting that he had heard "breathing that wasn't mine!" from inside!

We only had to make a short visit to the carnival area.  Alarik's face here tells how much he enjoyed this ride, though when he got off of it he claimed it was "pretty fun, actually".  Ha, ha, ha!

Next he rode the Groovy Bus which he thought was like the Mystery Machine.  That was more his

That concluded our expensive carnival stop, thank goodness. Next we checked out all the ships that were docked in the harbor, including this retired Coast Guard vessel.

Crowd selfie by Steph - you might think that guy behind us was with our group since he was nice enough to look and smile, but he totally wasn't.

Uncle Kieth had a new-to-us orchard that he wanted to stop and it and turned out to be a good one!

Back at Rooster Haven, we relaxed before heading out for dinner at The Spot. It was a resort/bar/restaurant just a few blocks from the cabin. Their Oktoberfest menu was delish!

Sunday morning we headed back home with a few stops for drinks. Scott had to have this boxed water.  :)
As we crossed the bridge back into our home state, Alarik sighed and said, "Our Minnesota is SO BEAUTIFUL!" which was comical since we were surrounded by four-lane highway and exits, not exactly the prettiest scenery MN has to offer.
Once in Duluth, we happened to pull up at a stoplight next to a city bus. Scott looked over at the driver and commented, "I can't even see his face but he looks depressed."  Oh my.
I thought we'd have another disagreement about where to grab lunch before the last two hours of the drive home, but Alarik and Scott unanimously chose...wait for it...

...Kwik Trip gas station!  I'm tellin' ya, they are obsessed. 

The other unanimous decision is that we have to go again next year.  Uncle Kieth thinks we've spoiled ourselves by staying overnight, but both the boys say they would still want to go even if we drove there and back on the same day.  Easy for them to say since they get to sleep the whole time!

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