Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekend at the Shack

I hunted all weekend and saw several deer, but none came within range.

These two came the closest on Friday night.  They meandered to within about 50 yards, but no closer.

There were a total of eleven deer in the field when it was time to head back to the shack.

Saturday morning I climbed up in the stand again for several hours. I did not see anything but the moon and stars were pretty and it was nice and peaceful to wake up with the woods.

 The whole family was with me and we did a lot of relaxing.  Life is tough at the shack. :)

There was some work to be done though. Bekah's deer stand still needed walls so she and Jesse built them.

And then we hauled them out to the stand. The wheeler is in the shop so we had the tough job of carrying everything out there and then Jesse and I struggled to heft the walls up the three levels of scaffolding. Well, I struggled. Jesse didn't find it all that difficult.

The kids carried tools and helped carry walls. They were worn out!

 Saturday night was gorgeous and I enjoyed the long shadows of evening from the deer stand.

A nice big doe came out first but she stayed too far away. There were six deer on the field at the end of shooting hours that night.

This evening was much cooler and there were no deer to entertain me, even from afar. At least that gave me a chance to finish my book though. Even though I didn't get a shot at anything, it was still an enjoyable weekend of hunting. It's encouraging to at least be seeing lots of deer. Sooner or later I hope to get a crack at one!

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