Monday, November 28, 2016

Bekah's Birthday, Take 12

Here she is...our 12 year old! 
Jesse had ordered Bekah a pink 22 rifle as a combo congratulations for completing hunter safety and birthday present. Of course, he couldn't wait to give it to her so she's had that since October.

So her actual birthday was pretty low-key.  She wants to go snowmobiling at the farm again and her friends' schedules wouldn't work for the weekend of her birthday so we'll do that another time.  She had a Target gift card burning a hole in her pocket and she wanted to go out to eat so we drove to Grand Rapids right after school. She bought a journal, a Christmas gift for Jade and Space Jam on DVD with her gift card. She had planned to have birthday dinner at Ground Round but changed her mind to KFC. I have no idea why. We've never eaten there before - but it was very good. Scott especially was in heaven with the potatoes, gravy, corn and biscuits to go with his chicken.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

All the Thanksgiving and Christmas Things

We've managed to pack quite a bit of holiday fun into this long Thanksgiving weekend.
We started off Thanksgiving Day by rescuing Grandma Linda from her ice prison:
She was thankful for us!

On to Grandma Helen's where we ate the traditional Thanksgiving meal. The kids played outside, building a snowman for Grandma's deck.

The kids have been waiting for weeks to start decorating for Christmas so that was first thing on the agenda for Friday morning.  Apparently even before getting dressed.
Bekah kept one eye out for pesky woodpeckers and took a break from decorating to pick a few off.
Jesse and Scott got the ground venison made up into meat sticks.

We cleaned up the kitchen and then baked some Christmas cookies
The kids all snitched a fair amount of dough!
We finished off Friday evening with The Muppet Christmas Carol.

On Saturday morning it was on to the outside tasks.  Bekah and Scott strung lights on a tree Jesse cut for over by the woodpile.
 I set aside my fear of heights to get lights strung over the front door.
 But I wasn't about to help with this job, other than to (helpfully) say that he should try not to fall.

 Alarik pouted over having to help work.

 But it was not all work and no play for that boy - after lights, it was time to frost those cookies!

Scott thought it would be a great idea to squirt blue food coloring straight into his mouth.  I feared he'd be stained blue for weeks but it actually brushed right off.

Besides all of this, I got 90% of the Christmas shopping done (online, of course), ordered our Christmas cards, did a little cleaning and we even managed to find time for relaxing, movie-watching and reading.  And we still have one day of the weekend left!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

In the front yard we can build a snowman (or snowmen)

The kids were thrilled with the two feet of snow we got last weekend, but bummed that it wasn't sticky.  We got a couple more inches the day before Thanksgiving and then it warmed up just enough to make perfect snowman snow!

Don't eat Frosty's nose, Alarik!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Deer and SNOW

Jesse and Bekah worked together to process Bekah's deer on Wednesday night.

 No school on Thursday or Friday meant time in the deer stand together.  Alarik stayed with Grandma Linda on Thursday afternoon while Bekah, Scott, Jesse and I went out to the farm.  Bekah and I sat on the field and saw zero deer. It was cold and windy. The boys didn't see anything either. But they were warm and toasty in Shag's fancy stand.
Winter Storm Argos hit sometime overnight and there was snow on the ground by morning. No one was especially motived to get out and hunt. Bekah, Scott and I headed home about 10am and picked up Alarik from Grandma's.  By the time we pulled in our own driveway, the going was tough.  You better believe we have had the Christmas music playing in the house with this beautiful winter wonderland going on outside. We also dug out the Christmas movies and are plowing our way through several of them.
All told we got 21 inches of snow in less than 24 hours.  The kids were thrilled!

21 inches is far too much for the 4-wheeler to push so we are snowed in here at the house until someone comes to plow us out. We spent all day today alternating between doing chores inside and playing outside. With a few outside chores mixed in as well.  Bekah was not happy to be on the shovel brigade.
I don't think we'll make it out for church in the morning unless someone comes to our rescue.  We've asked a couple people to plow us out but of course they are busy as can be and I said we were pretty low on the priority list. I don't mind being snowed in one bit. Except we are out of milk. And butter. Hopefully Jesse can pick up a few things on his way home tomorrow.  And hopefully he can get in the driveway - otherwise he'll be parking on the road!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sleeping Outside on November 12th

The forecast was for a low of 34 degrees on Saturday, November 12th.  Where did Bekah and Corinne want to sleep?  On the yard swing which they turned in to a cozy swinging bed tent.

I had my doubts that they would last very long after nightfall out there in the cold and dark.  I was dreading having to hound them to fold up and put away the eighteen blankets and sleeping bags they had dragged out there.

But I underestimated these two!  Here they are at 7am when I woke up and went to check on them after not finding them in Bekah's room:
I guess 18 blankets was enough to keep warm, even at near-freezing temps.  They had added some heavier blankets to the tent covering which helped keep the wind out.  And see their Christmas lights in there?  Corinne had deemed it "very Pinteresty"!

This marks Bekah's second record - first was jumping in the lake on November 5th, and now we have sleeping outside on November 12th.  What a weird weather year in Northern MN.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Bekah's First Deer

While I was out hunting behind our place on Friday night, hoping to get another glimpse of the big buck that walked by me a few nights before that...

...Bekah was out at the farm with Jesse.  They sat in her new deer stand during the day.

 and moved to Uncle Eric's stand on the field for the evening hunt.

That ended up being the lucky spot and Bekah made a nice shot at about 45 yards to bag this doe!

She is the only one to get a deer so far this year and she's already tied with me for lifetime kills. I better get crackin' before she passes me up!

So my daughter got her first deer and all I got was this sunset:
I guess I will not complain because I'm awfully proud of her (and this was a pretty nice sunset)  :)