Sunday, November 27, 2016

All the Thanksgiving and Christmas Things

We've managed to pack quite a bit of holiday fun into this long Thanksgiving weekend.
We started off Thanksgiving Day by rescuing Grandma Linda from her ice prison:
She was thankful for us!

On to Grandma Helen's where we ate the traditional Thanksgiving meal. The kids played outside, building a snowman for Grandma's deck.

The kids have been waiting for weeks to start decorating for Christmas so that was first thing on the agenda for Friday morning.  Apparently even before getting dressed.
Bekah kept one eye out for pesky woodpeckers and took a break from decorating to pick a few off.
Jesse and Scott got the ground venison made up into meat sticks.

We cleaned up the kitchen and then baked some Christmas cookies
The kids all snitched a fair amount of dough!
We finished off Friday evening with The Muppet Christmas Carol.

On Saturday morning it was on to the outside tasks.  Bekah and Scott strung lights on a tree Jesse cut for over by the woodpile.
 I set aside my fear of heights to get lights strung over the front door.
 But I wasn't about to help with this job, other than to (helpfully) say that he should try not to fall.

 Alarik pouted over having to help work.

 But it was not all work and no play for that boy - after lights, it was time to frost those cookies!

Scott thought it would be a great idea to squirt blue food coloring straight into his mouth.  I feared he'd be stained blue for weeks but it actually brushed right off.

Besides all of this, I got 90% of the Christmas shopping done (online, of course), ordered our Christmas cards, did a little cleaning and we even managed to find time for relaxing, movie-watching and reading.  And we still have one day of the weekend left!

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