Monday, November 14, 2016

Bekah's First Deer

While I was out hunting behind our place on Friday night, hoping to get another glimpse of the big buck that walked by me a few nights before that...

...Bekah was out at the farm with Jesse.  They sat in her new deer stand during the day.

 and moved to Uncle Eric's stand on the field for the evening hunt.

That ended up being the lucky spot and Bekah made a nice shot at about 45 yards to bag this doe!

She is the only one to get a deer so far this year and she's already tied with me for lifetime kills. I better get crackin' before she passes me up!

So my daughter got her first deer and all I got was this sunset:
I guess I will not complain because I'm awfully proud of her (and this was a pretty nice sunset)  :)

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