Saturday, November 19, 2016

Deer and SNOW

Jesse and Bekah worked together to process Bekah's deer on Wednesday night.

 No school on Thursday or Friday meant time in the deer stand together.  Alarik stayed with Grandma Linda on Thursday afternoon while Bekah, Scott, Jesse and I went out to the farm.  Bekah and I sat on the field and saw zero deer. It was cold and windy. The boys didn't see anything either. But they were warm and toasty in Shag's fancy stand.
Winter Storm Argos hit sometime overnight and there was snow on the ground by morning. No one was especially motived to get out and hunt. Bekah, Scott and I headed home about 10am and picked up Alarik from Grandma's.  By the time we pulled in our own driveway, the going was tough.  You better believe we have had the Christmas music playing in the house with this beautiful winter wonderland going on outside. We also dug out the Christmas movies and are plowing our way through several of them.
All told we got 21 inches of snow in less than 24 hours.  The kids were thrilled!

21 inches is far too much for the 4-wheeler to push so we are snowed in here at the house until someone comes to plow us out. We spent all day today alternating between doing chores inside and playing outside. With a few outside chores mixed in as well.  Bekah was not happy to be on the shovel brigade.
I don't think we'll make it out for church in the morning unless someone comes to our rescue.  We've asked a couple people to plow us out but of course they are busy as can be and I said we were pretty low on the priority list. I don't mind being snowed in one bit. Except we are out of milk. And butter. Hopefully Jesse can pick up a few things on his way home tomorrow.  And hopefully he can get in the driveway - otherwise he'll be parking on the road!

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